Wow!  I talk about the wedding, and people come out of the woodwork! Thank you for your input…I think I’ve narrowed it down to two…or three…but I am going to window shop to see what kind of centerpieces/accents I can find, and whatever is most readily available will be my choice.  These are the final contenders:

1.  Tiffany Blue and Red

2.  Red and Green

3.  Purple and Green (still holding out on this for Nicole…)

Yesterday I bought one of my many books for school and it cost $130 (with the lab book).  I shit my pants and then I cried before opening my syllabus to see what my assignment due is for day one.  Seven chapters.  SEVEN!  So I stabbed myself in the eye so I wouldn’t see any more absurdities. 

I am buying the rest of my books tonight, and then I will look up my other assignments.  I guess school starts now.  So much for enjoying the rest of August…

As I was walking out of the house this morning to leave for work, Tony was walking in.  He has been at the studio all week, and this is the happiest I have ever seen him.  Hopefully it’s because he’s making money and not because he’s free from my running mouth.  He is working with a new studio, and they are CRAZY BUSY…which is a good thing.  Not so good?  We never see each other.  But it’s all about transition, and we each have goals we are working towards so that we can meet in the middle down the road.  Right now we are both just really focused.  It’s a good feeling. 

And the house is so messy I want to burn it down.

P.S.  Discussion questions are up for this month’s book.  No, I did not read last month’s book.  I couldn’t get past the third page.  I will force myself to read it someday…