To all of you voters out there (all less than my handful of you), the winner is Autobiography of a Face.  Discussion will begin in August.  I still am slacking on July’s book and I HAVE NO EXCUSE! 

I was in Pittsburgh this weekend (There!  That’s my excuse!) with Nan and Miss.  We decided to take a girls’ trip to visit friends, and again, I am the worst blogger ever because I have not one photo to post.  However, Miss was training to be the next member of the paparazzi, so hopefully she will send some to me…and I will post them…and you will love them…or at least pretend to.

Yesterday afternoon, I got home and was immediately greeted by a jumping-up-and-down Tony.  We spent the evening watching “Friends” and I continued my weekend gluttony and had a small glass bottle of wine.  All by myself.  I didn’t mean to, but yes I did.  Call it unwinding, or relaxing, or alcoholism – I don’t care.  It was delicious and I slept like a baby.  A baby drunk on Pinot Grigio.

Today I registered for my nursing classes, including my first clinical rotation.  My choices were H50, H51, H70 and H71.  Oh, that means absolutely nothing to you?  Yeah, well ME NEITHER!  I had no idea what units these were in the hospital before I registered, so I naturally picked one of my two lucky numbers followed by an odd number (H71).  It turns out I will be spending fifteen weeks looking at vaginas…that’s right…Urology/Gynecology.  I’m wondering if this number should still be considered lucky…