Friday was the first year in quite some time that I didn’t see fireworks on July 4th.  Ordinarily, this would make me sad.  However, the reason I did not see fireworks is simply because I was too lazy to drive over to the where-they-set-off-fireworks-place, and Tony would not drive me even if I had wanted to.  So instead, my dad made a campfire, and we all sat around it while we let our alcohol-induced highs descend.

Friday was also the first time Tony’s family and my family merged into one holiday.  I think things went well…it seemed like everyone had a great time.  Unfortunately his mom and her boyfriend were unable to make it, but hopefully they will all meet soon.  Having everyone laughing and spending time together was yet another affirmation that Tony and I are meant to be together, and I am relieved overjoyed that our families get along so well.

And ANOTHER first, is that my brother has finally brought a girl home for us to drink with, corrupt, meet.  Her name is Christy and we think she is great.  My mom was so excited to take this picture of the four of us so she can hang it up at work…so here you go, Mom!

(Our families toasting to our engagement)

(Tony, my soon-to-be sister-in-law Kristi, and my dad)

(In case you haven’t seen enough pictures of us)

I hope you all had as great a holiday as we did!