Last night was my final day of Week 2.  It was rough.  It’s amazing how one night I can feel great when running, and then the very next night I feel completely inept.  I got through it, but my shins were killing me.  I’m supposed to start Week 3 tonight, but I’m contemplating doing the elliptical instead and adding in some weight training.  Maybe giving my knees and shins a break for one night will prove to be beneficial. 

As far as my weigh-in this morning goes, it’s as I expected: No change.  I knew this would happen because I’ve been retaining water (as it’s that time of the cycle), but I’m hoping next week will bring an even better loss than two punds.  We shall see…

This is about the time I would usually give up in my weight loss efforts.  I’ven been eating well, working out regularly and the weight comes off sllllooooowwwwllllyyyy.  I guess that’s how it’s supposed to go, so they say, for long term results.  I hope they’re right.