Because after 7 days…168 hours…of not seeing him, I missed him terribly.  Because we are engaged now, and I see him less than when we were just “shacking up”.  Because I love him so much more than I hate television.  Because he called me up and said, “Hey, Babe.  Let’s go to dinner.  Meet me at the studio at 4”.  HelLO!  DINNER, People!  This man was going to FEED ME! 

 And so this is why I met him at the studio where he was recording some teenage-angst-ridden heavy metal band who thought they were the Next Big Thing.  I ran through the rain into the studio where Tony was sitting behind the mixing board and kissed him.  I tried to send him a message through that kiss, one that said, “why the HELL are these kids still here and when are we leaving to EAT?!”  One of the guys walked in and I said, “Hi.  I’m Nikol.” He replied with, “cool.”  If I told you that it took every ounce of restraint that I don’t usually possess to not grab his arm and force him to shake my hand while saying, “THIS is how you introduce yourself to someone when they introduce themselves to you.  Got it?  It might get you somewhere in life beyond being in a garage band that lacks originality and rhythm.  Now what did you forget to say your name was?”, it would be an understatement.

 Instead, I rolled my eyes and walked into my aunt’s house to see the new kitchen my cousin installed for her.  I gave Tony about 30 minutes to wrap things up, and then I realized that I was a moron.  Because we were not going to dinner.  I was going to dinner…alone. 

 I’m not upset with Tony because this is the nature of the beast.  We are both creative folks and he happens to be fortunate enough to make money while doing what he loves.  I’m just spending these hours and days and now weeks alone trying to come up with some new material.  For songs.  For that new metal band I’m starting.  You know, so I can hire Tony to be in the same room with me for longer than 45 minutes.  I think he’ll be impressed with my mad skillz.


Couch to 5K update:

I ran both Saturday and Sunday, following the program for week 2.  Saturday was still a bit rough, but I finished.  I was feeling side stitches towards the end, but I pressed on them firmly with my hands and was able to make it through.  Sunday’s run was AWESOME.  I felt so light, and the breathing came easily and it just felt good.  I was experiencing soreness in my shins Sunday night, but this morning, my legs feel fine.  I’m a bit worried as to what the scale is going to say tomorrow, as that is my weigh-in day.  I thought I might have lost at least one pound, but now I’m not so sure.  We’ll see in the morning!  Tomorrow I also start the Week 3 runs (90 second run, 90 second walk, 3 minute run, 3 minute walk – alternating twice).  I can’t wait!  I am amazed at how much I am actually enjoying this.  I love seeing how much further I can push myself.  I’ve been putting off the weight training because I don’t want to start too much too fast…I have a history of quitting if I am overwhelmed.  But I suspect I will add weights soon…