last night I got home from work, inhaled some food, and went to the gym.  I was determined to, if nothing else, get in my run.  I did it.  And it was hell.  This first week is proving to be very difficult for me to get through.  The only thing I can come up with is that I am about ten pounds heavier than the last time I was doing a running program…it really makes a difference.  I feel very clunky, like my legs are just pounding my feet onto the treadmill like an elephant stampede.  It’s depressing.  But I did my 30 minutes, and I was glad that I did once I finished.  I usually do another 30 minutes on the elliptical, but last night I just couldn’t push myself.  I blame it on the guy running next to me.

While I was doing my five minute warm-up, he was jogging at a pretty decent pace, and he continued to jog for my entire 30 minutes.  Every time I would increase my speed to 6 for my minute runs, we would be in sync, and it made it easier for me because we were running to a rhythm.  Evidently, he didn’t much like the rhythm because once we were running together, he would change his speed so that our feet were hitting the treadmills at four different times, and the fun little drum beat in my head got all jumbled.  It felt like there was a jar filled with marbles in my mind and someone was shaking it to a beat, like a percussion shaker, and then all of a sudden someone tipped it over and the marbles spilled everywhere.  It really pissed me off.

But I got through it without screaming, “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST RUN WITH ME?!?” and then I went home to pack. 

The packing is not finished and I have been running around all morning trying to get everything together.  Tony is off today, but I know he won’t know what needs to be packed, so I have to finish when I get home.  It’s about a four hour trip to Buffalo, and I just know we aren’t going to get on the road before seven.  I don’t know why I care so much except for the fact that I do.  I’m generally a pretty laid back person, but there are some things that I am obsessive about…leaving on time is one of them.

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures, and hopefully I will have some fun things to tell you when I return.  Because I’m sure you don’t want to only hear about my runs (I don’t have the runs…just clarifying).  But!  (haha…butt…)  I was a half pound lower today on the scale.  158. 

Have a great weekend!