I’ve been accused of being the biggest nerd EVER!  And as we speak, I am alphabetizing my books…and giving them their proper Dewey Decimal numbers.  Because Library Thing is just that awesome.  And because I have a sickness.  I blame it on my mom:

I found this picture in one of the books I am organizing and it made me smile.  I wonder if she knew then that I would love this.  If I walked to the shelves in the library when I was three like I do now when I’m thirty, just to open a book and smell it.  They say of all the senses, it’s the sense of smell that is connected to memory.  The pages smell like home to me.

So I blame my sickness on you, Mom…and you will blame it on Dad (because he has it too).  But really I should be thanking you.  I remember when you would read to us at night…Miss Nelson is Back…and Josh was always scared.  I remember reading to you when Dad was away and it was just us.  I remember when Dad would come home and he would read super fast and we would giggle.  I remember being so excited for the book sale to come to school and how we didn’t have the money to buy any books…but you let me anyway.  I remember you signed me up for my first book club when I was in Kindergarten, and when the books would come in the mail I couldn’t look through them fast enough.  I would carry them around in the Weekly Reader Tote like they were my treasure…because they were.

I have to get back to my piles, but I am putting this picture back inside one of the books…so that when I come across it in a few months, or years from now, I can think of you again and smile.