I have made an appointment with my doctor for Monday afternoon since the lump is still present.  Also, I have been lethargic and constantly tired for awhile now, and I no longer have school on which to blame my narcolepsy.  If nothing else, at least he can maybe figure out how to keep me awake past 7pm.  I may suggest a prescription for mass amounts of cocaine cash and a shuttle to and from the mall.  I mean, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Anyway, I am going to have him order the blood work, chest x-rays and whatever else he deems necessary to make me completely paranoid.  As of right now, I’m only half-way there.

In other news, our team for this year’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life has already raised over $8000.  Our goal is $10k.  Awesome.  This weekend is our annual garage sale and the relay is the following weekend.  It is looking to be another successful year!  (P.S. if you want to donate, go here.)

 So far, this no school thing is going okay.  I’m still pretty stingy with my time since I actually have some now, and I often find myself sitting on the couch watching stupid reality shows just because I can.  I am pretty sure that I will graduate to more people-friendly activities soon, but as it stands, I’m usually in bed by the time things like this even start.  EXCEPTION:  This weekend I am going out both Friday night and Saturday night because Tony has gigs both nights with a really great cover band.  Nan and I have plans to paint the town red (where did this expression come from?), and I will take a five hour nap before I leave the house if I have to! 

Hope to have fun stories and maybe some pics for you come Monday.  Have a great weekend!