A couple weeks ago, I was scratching my head because it itched…and also because it FEELS SO GOOD, and I noticed a little bump towards the base of my scalp.  Because I had spent the previous week reading about ticks and Lyme Disease, I was all, “Oh my God!  Tony!  Feel this!  Is it a tick?!”  And he was all, “No, Nikol.  It’s a zit.”

So fast forward to last Friday when Tony and I were sitting on the couch watching Friends, and as I was listening to him giggle like a little girl, I was twisting my hair between my fingers.  My hand grazed my neck, and I felt a lump on the right, rear side. 

“Oh my God, Tony!  Can you feel this?!”

“Nik, it’s probably another zit, would you stop it already with the ticks and the fleas?”

“No, really, feel this.”

He felt it and admitted that it was not a zit.  I got up to look at it properly, you know, with my face approximately a quarter of an inch away from the mirror while biting my lower lip in concentration.  Upon closer examination, I noticed that it protruded from my neck.  I was a little nervous then, so of course, I googled “lump in neck” and was bombarded with everything from infection to tuberculosis to cancer.  Way to go, Internet.

Obviously, I needed to go to the doctor if not to get some reassurance, then to have him smack me silly for approaching my health with one part heresay and other part WORLD WIDE WEB!  I made an appointment for Monday, since it was the weekend, and tried not to poke around at my neck every twenty-five seconds.

My doctor is awesome.  I have no idea what his nationality is, but he has an adorable accent, he’s short, and always so smiley.  He reminds me of someone’s grandpa.  He asked me how I was feeling, and when I said, “fine” he said, “well not so fine with a lump, no?”  So he poked around and asked me if it hurt.  He asked me when my last TB test was, and he asked me if my throat has been sore or if I’ve had a fever or if I had headaches.  I told him no, couple weeks ago, no, no, and yes…only because I’m blind and don’t like to wear my glasses so I get headaches sometimes.  He informed me that he could not find an infection, and that he didn’t like this scenario, but put me on antibiotics in case there is a hidden infection somewhere.  And then, with a final, “come back in two weeks if it’s not gone”, I left the office. 

He did give me the option to get blood work and chest x-rays done and a biopsy, but I want to wait to see if it goes away.  Why spend the money if I don’t have to, is my train of thought.  And as he put it, “surgeons like to cut.”

I mean, when you think about it, I probably don’t really need to post this whole fiasco on the internet because it’s probably just nothing.  A benign mass of cells, fatty tissue, an inflamed lymph node.  But the truth is, I needed to post it for me.  Because I’ve been having a hard time concentrating on anything else, and sometimes it helps to write it out.