Just now there was a ring here in the office.  Not a wrestling ring, or a ring some people wear on their finger, but a BWRRRRRIIIIIINNGG!  Like a phone, but not the office phone, more like an old phone you would hear ringing in a diner.  Anyway, just now there was a ring like I just described to you, and it made me pause. 

There is a phone somewhere that only rings when there is danger.  I know this sounds completely stupid, but I am convinced that I have worked in an office where they have said to me on orientation day, “okay, see this phone right over here?  If it rings that is very bad.  It only rings in extreme emergencies, like terrorist attacks.”  There is a phone somewhere, and I am convinced of this, that only rings when there is danger.

Because my mind isn’t as reactive as it should be, it took me a minute to process that I just heard this ring.  But when it finally registered, I got up out of my chair and ran over to the corner where the phone is.

Only there is no phone.  Because It’s not true, I guess.  But I have no idea where I came up with this scenario because it feels so real.