When Tony and I first started dating, we despised each other’s television choices.  I hated watching boxing, poker, and Forensic Files, and he hated watching Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends.  He would put down my preference for sitcoms as if to say that he was more intelligent because the shows he preferred to watch didn’t include laugh tracks.  And isn’t he so open-minded and accepting of new things because he let me have the remote for 30 minutes out of a 24-hour day to watch the shows that he thought were stupid? 

As time went on, we began to sort of tolerate the other person’s preferences.  I would occassionally sit down for a Forensic Files episode and shout, “the wife did it!  The wife always does it, those bitches!”, and I would catch Tony laughing at a Friends episode.  Soon we started renting TV shows on DVD to protect our sanity from the never-ending  commercials.  We started with Weeds since we don’t have HBO, and then we gravitated to the Sopranos.  After finishing the season finale of Sopranos, it was my turn to choose, and of course, I chose Friends.

We are now on Season Four, and Tony willingly admits he is an addict.  This is music to my ears seeing how my mom would often make fun of my love for this show, and on more than one occassion after I had told her a scenario about Ross and Monica…yet again…has said to me, “Nik, don’t you think you should get some friends in real life?”

Well, my answer to this is no.  No I don’t think I should get some friends in real life, Mom.  Because I can just lead people to my television friends like I have done with Tony.  You don’t believe that this has happened?  You want proof, you say?

Nan bought me a picture frame for my birthday this year.  It is a beautiful gold frame with the words, “FRIENDS…Life is to be Shared with Family and Friends”.  I couldn’t wait to find the perfect picture of all my girlfriends to put in the frame.  Monday, when I got home from work, the frame that I had left empty on the sofa table had been moved to an end table.  When I walked around the corner, this is what I saw:

Do you think it’s bad that I haven’t changed the picture yet?