I am turning thirty years old in 29 days.

Since I can’t turn backwards, I suppose I need to have a positive outlook and set goals for myself for this decade. So I will start with things I want to accomplish this year:

1. Lose thirty pounds and start this portion of my life in the best shape I have ever been in.

2. Get into the nursing program (I will find out in June) and try my best to enjoy every minute of it.

3. Remember to thank God for the things I have and not spend so much time wanting the things I don’t.

4. Take my vitamins daily and stay on BUDGET.

5. Limit fast food intake to twice a month.

I think this is enough to focus on this year, I mean, I haven’t been able to stick to these guidelines EVER so if I can go a year, that will be a good pace to set for the next 9. I will re-evaluate at forty. Because, you know, if kids come into play, I’m going to have new goals. Like not posing them on the front porch with “For Sale – Best Offer” signs stuck to their foreheads with duct tape.

On the running/gym front…things have been slow. It’s crunch time with school and from now until May 10th, you can find me with my face in the binding of my microbiology and anatomy books respectively. Or, sometimes, I can be found on the lattice outside the bedroom window contemplating the big jump, but don’t be too frightened. It’s not high enough to do any real damage….unless I landed on one of the skunks that live under the front porch. Hmmm…maybe I should re-think that.