Well, I’m feeling better today…still overwhelmed, but I spent three hours studying Microbiology last night, and that was an accomplishment…I have about 12 more hours to go before the test, but let’s not think about that right now.

I also have a take home test and a practical exam due Sat in Anatomy, and I have no choice but to start studying for that tomorrow. Today is still a micro day. I’m not sure where I will squeeze in the study time over the weekend (micro test is Monday), I will have to cut family time short on Sunday, I guess. My poor family, I think they think I’m dead. Maybe I am dead…I certainly FEEL LIKE IT!

I’m supposed to have my body fat assessed tomorrow with my personal trainer. I’m tempted to reschedule for next week to get more study time in, but I really want someone to tell me how fat I am! Oh, my priorities are askew…I’ll probably reschedule. Maybe I’ll be skinny next week.

I’m trying to maintain a positive outlook today. It’s reeeaalllllyyy difficult, you know!