Or I didn’t do it…however you want to look at it. I did not step on the scale this morning. And I’m not going to step on it again until Sunday. Really. I am so frustrated I don’t even care what the numbers read.

While I’m venting, I might as well tell you that I’m frustrated with so many things. And while I know and understand that I do the things that I do to benefit me down the proverbial road, I wish I could look at all the things I’m doing or not doing and say, “fuck you”.

I want to get in my truck and drive until I nearly run out of gas, and then I want to fill up my tank again and keep driving. And then when I get to wherever it is that I am when I’m done driving, I want to sit and watch the sunset. And then I want to wonder about what it is I feel like doing next instead of dreading the things I am supposed to do. Because I haven’t had the pleasure of wondering that in a very long time.

This is my Tuesday. I suppose I should get back to it.