Saturday I dragged Tony to the gym and completed my last day of Week 1 of the Cuch 2 5K program. This week will begin 25 minutes of alternating between 1.5 minute runs and 2 minute walks. It should be a pretty easy week. I can also begin including lower body strength training to the mix as I am now set up on the machines. La-Di-Da. I don’t care about any of this right now, and do you want to know why? Do you?


What is going on here, really? I mean, how does a person jump up 3 pounds? Grrr. I’m telling you, I do not understand. I guess I should just not focus on the numbers like everyone keeps telling me. The truth is, I do feel more fit, my body feels tighter, and I really feel great when I’m running…it’s not a chore like it used to be. As long as I keep making healthy food choices, I need to believe that the weight will come off eventually (it will, won’t it?).

I have a quiz in Microbiology tonight, and let me tell you how I am so glad that I only have a little over a month left of this hell. I’m counting down the days until I am free to do as I please in the evenings and on the weekends…even if it will only last for 3 months.