Last night after work I was on a mission to buy new running shoes. I am in the habit of wearing the same ones for years, and every running website that I researched in the past two weeks has emphasized the need for good shoes. So off I went in search for an AFFORDABLE pair of running shoes that would support my high arches. First I went to TJ Maxx because they sometimes have great shoes for CHEAP. Just my luck that the kicks on their shelves gave no support to my aforementioned arches. Grrr. So then I tried the Champs outlet and discovered that they just hate women in there. The entire store is draped with mens clothing, athletic gear, shoes, jackets, etc, and the ONLY thing for women is a selection of 3…THREE…different shoes. Of course, none of them were the winner.

In my constant effort to not splurge on unnecessary purchases, I try to avoid the mall at all costs, so I ended up at Famous Footwear where I found these. And I love them. I’m hoping once the weather stops being an asshole, Tony and I can start running in the Metroparks. Next stop: The gym.

Couch 2 5K – Week 1 Take 2:

Everything went swimmingly once again. I am finding that I am not looking at the clock as much on the minute runs, and they are over before I know it. I am tempted to move on to Week 2, but I won’t. I’ll continue to build my strength for next week. Towards the end of the 25 minutes, my toes started to go numb. This sometimes happens when I run, and I wondered if it had something to do with my shoes. I shook it off and once I was cooling down on the track, the circulation was back to normal.

25 minutes into my elliptical session, and my toes were numb again. I was totally digging watching The Biggest Loser on the monitor and wanting to see them reveal their new clothes on the runway, but my toes? I didn’t know if I still had any. I stopped my elliptical ride and ventured downstairs to do upper body strength training. My trainer, who is a runner, was sitting at the fitness desk, so I asked her about my toes. She checked out my shoes, and said they were good, and then suggested I try some gel inserts for the balls of my feet to absorb some of the shock when I come down (I’m not a heel runner). She said if this doesn’t help then I should see a doctor.

After my weight training, I went to the drug store and bought the inserts. This morning I woke up at 5:45 to squeeze in a morning run, and I felt my toes the whole time. HOWEVER, I did not go the full 25 minutes. So we’ll see how it goes tonight at the gym.

In other news, I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed 151 again. And then I vowed to never set foot on it again…until tomorrow. I swear if these numbers don’t go down soon I don’t know what I will do! Tony says it’s because my body is building muscle and needs time to readjust itself from all the new exercise. I hope he’s right. I’m not overeating, I’m not undereating, I’m not eating the wrong things. The only other thing I can think of is my OB/GYN put me on these birth control pills to raise my estrogen and progesterone levels so I am less man-ish and more woman-ish, and now my boobs are bigger and I can’t lose weight. I liked it better when I had a beard and raging mood swings, I think.