Where oh where have I been?? Well, let me tell you. I wanted to stop writing here at Blogger and start writing on my VERY OWN WEBSITE, but my web designer guy is backed up on his current projects so I have been waitlisted. So…I need to write, right? And here I am.

So I’ve decided to start training for the 5K season, and I stumbled across a program on coolrunning.com, and then read several great blogs of runners who started out with this program, and decided to try it! So much of my rambling will probably have to do with this for awhile because I have really been enjoying it so far (at least the running part).

Let me catch you up:

March 13, 2008

C25K: Week 1, Day1

I made it through without a problem…piece of cake! However, I found out today that I’m NOT RUNNING FAST ENOUGH! The program is designed to run at 6mph and I was running at 5.2mph. So tonight I will try again running at 6mph. I have a feeling this is going to be tough seeing how I haven’t been able to run over 5.5mph for any length of time, like, EVER. We’ll see.

Overall, I am really psyched about this program. I had my session with the trainer last night to get me set up on the machines for upper body strength, and I can feel a difference in my body already. I’ve been working out sporadically for the past two weeks, and I feel a bit firmer. The big let down in all of this is that I haven’t lost any weight. I started off October of 2006 at 165lbs. I now weigh 150lbs (thanks to eating healthier and drinking less soda) with a goal of 120lbs. I would love to lose 30 pounds by June, but I just don’t know if that is realistic. If I lose 1 pound a week, I will reach goal by October 2008. So my frame of mind is this: If it happens sooner, great. If not, that’s okay too because October is going to come regardless, and I would rather weigh 120 than 150. AND? I will be in great shape!

March 17, 2008

Week1, Day2

I went to the gym Saturday to see how running at 6mph would feel…it was fine. But I think I’m going to continue to do Week 1 of the Couch to 5K program this week just so that my body has some extra time to grow stronger. I’m feeling a bit discouraged because it seems as though I’ve only lost a half of a pound in a week, and then this morning when I stepped on the scale it read that I went from 149.5 to 151.5! I hate seeing this, and I know I should just stick to weighing myself once a week, but I can’t. I really need to see a steady decline to have a good day. It’s so sad, but so true. Maybe I am eating too many carbs, but my menu is limited since it is lent (no meat, no dairy). I am steering clear of high amounts of fat, so I thought this would be a positive influence on my weight, but so far…no. This is the type of thing that has caused me to give up in the past so I know I need to push through it. It’s hard to do.And? I missed Day 3 of Week 1. BUT I am doing another week of WEEK 1 starting tonight, so I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that only running three days a week isn’t doing it for me. Unfortunately, my schedule is not conducive to evening workouts everyday. This leaves only one unattractive option, and that is early morning runs. I’m going to try it for the remainder of the week to see what results I get, and if there is a major improvement, I will keep it up.

Tentative Schedule:
Mon-Sun 5am Couch to 5K
Tues, Thurs, Fri evening Couch to 5K plus weight training.

Wish me luck!