When my youngest brother was in grade school, he came home crying on Valentine’s Day. I walked into the living room and saw my mom hugging him on the couch and I asked what was wrong.

Mom whispered over his shoulder, “The kids exchanged valentines in class today and he didn’t get one.”

And my. heart. broke.

Some people don’t do Valentine’s Day. Some people think Valentine’s Day is a joke…a day when greeting card companies make some extra cash and husbands can compete with their buddies as to who gave their wives the best gift. But to me? I like the idea of having a day to remind you to show that person in your life what they mean to you. Because lets be honest here…we probably don’t show it as much as we might think every other day of the year.

Sometimes a girl just wants to put on that little black dress and look her best for the man that she loves instead of lounging around in her sweats. She wants to have a romantic dinner by candlelight instead of on trays in front of the television while he flips through the channels grunting in response to her questions instead of actually engaging in conversation. This doesn’t mean spending money; this only means getting creative.

Sometimes she wants flowers even if they’re made out of construction paper (I know roses are expensive), and wouldn’t it be amazing if he even knew what her favorite flower was?

Girls like to be romanced. If you are a man reading this, listen to me carefully:

It doesn’t matter that YOU think this day is stupid. It doesn’t matter that flowers die and greeting cards cost almost five dollars. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have money to take her to dinner…ever hear of that square-shaped thing that exudes heat in your kitchen? It’s called an oven. I’ll even bet there are some candles lying around the house and a table cloth in the hall closet. And I would bet my paycheck that the woman in your life owns a dress that she is dying to wear for you, but never has because you never tell her to “put on that dress, I’m taking you out”. What happened to romance? What happened to a woman being wooed? Sometimes a girl is so happy to have found her future that she forgets to make him work for his.