I studied Microbiology all day yesterday and didn’t get NEAR finished. The test is today. What is happening to me? I am unraveling fast. I also have a chance to redeem myself in Anatomy with Exam #2 on Saturday, but ask me when the first free minute to study will reveal itself…ummm…tomorrow. Which only gives me about six hours to study…maybe six hours. Because my life? My life does not like to cooperate with my time management planning. In fact, I think they both think this is all very amusing, and I? I do not.

“But you have time to blog, Nikol. Couldn’t you be studying right now?” Oh, you would be right, my friends…except for the fact that I am at work. And it is almost impossible to open my encyclopedia-sized text book on my desk without my boss noticing. I say almost, because when he is away from his office, I totally spread my book, notes, index cards and pistol over my entire work area only to sweep my arm across the desk in one, hurried, SWOOSH when I hear him walking toward me down the hall. It’s all very sitcom-y if you’re not me and can appreciate good entertainment.

Speaking of good entertainment, I have a tasty little treat for you:

I ran into my neighbor the other day and she proceeded to tell me that she was in an “accident” last week. By accident, what she really means is this. She was at the drive-up ATM, and as she was about to insert her card into the slot, she dropped it. On the ground. She drives an SUV, so she had to open the door to retrieve the card because she couldn’t reach it by bending out through the window. However, she didn’t put the car in PARK first, and only had her foot on the break. As she leaned out to pick up the card, her foot slipped off the break and the car began to move forward. Meanwhile, the top half of her body was sweeping the pavement as she frantically grasped for her card. She went to put her foot back on the break pedal, but slammed on the gas instead! The car sped forward, her body was flung out onto the ground, and she watched her SUV drive away towards the street. Luckily, it veered towards the right and wiped out a stop sign instead, which in turn, stopped her vehicle from charging, driverless, into the street.

Oh, I am going to hell because I still can’t stop laughing.