Last night in Microbiology they made us play with bacteria…as in E Coli! Seriously? I came home and scrubbed my hands with antibacterial soap, and when I told Tony he said, “What?! Go upstairs right now and take a shower!” What I didn’t tell him was how the professor explained to us that by the end of the semester we will lose interest in most things we now find fun…like going out to eat, being anywhere public and having sex. Because once you know about how bacteria breeds and the mess it can cause, you want to live out the rest of your days in a humongous, sterile bubble.

So that just reminded me of that movie with John Travolta, “The Boy in a Bubble”, or whatever it’s called. I just remember he wears really short shorts and the kids are mean to him.

Tony and I are in chaos right now. Our relationship is great, but we are both so busy that our heads are going to explode any second. At least we’re in it together…glass half full…looking on the bright side and all that shit. Our weeks go a little something like this:

Monday – I get home from work between 6-6:30, we both have class from 7pm-10pm, we come home and sit in front of the tv and stare at it blankly for about 25 minutes and then go to bed.

Tuesday – Tony has school from 7-10 and I run errands and clean/do laundry, study, bang my head against the wall

Wednesday – I have class again from 7-10 where I spend the majority of the night contemplating whether or not I’ll ever have free time or money or a husband or children or sanity or even a clean house.

Thursday – Tony gives guitar lessons and I find a good reason to leave the house…like to study because what else am I to do in my spare time but keep my GPA in check.

Friday – homework and study because Saturday morning comes way too fast. Sometimes we order a pizza because after a week like ours, getting fat is not such a faux pas.

Saturday – School from 9am-3pm, teach my little brother directly after, go home and crash. Tony usually has a band from about noon to 3am-ish.

Sunday – I try to do absolutely nothing, but it seems that something always comes up where I feel obligated to shower, get dressed and attend. I’m trying to want to go to church again. It’s a slow start.

In the midst of this schedule, I realize that I need to squeeze in exercise somewhere, and the only thing I can come up with is 5am. But when my alarm screams in my ear that early all I know to do is cry and beg God to make me into a cat so I can chase my tail and spend the afternoon staring out the window. He never does it so I just hit snooze.