Our cat is a sports fan. I’m not sure how this happened seeing how I, am not. I mean, Tony does not want to love the cat even though he can’t help himself, and I, on the other hand, do love the little furball. Therefore, she should have inherited my indifference to sports. This is also the way it should go for our offspring when the time comes, although, something tells me that they will all turn against me and spend countless Sundays and Monday nights in front of the television while I stare out the window daydreaming about the child I was meant to have, the child that prefers dancing and crafts over touchdowns and grand slams, and you know, God, CLEARLY there has been a mix-up.

It all started during the Indians playoff game when Tony invited a few of his friends over to hang out and watch the Indians lose. Izzy had a ball with all the new people in the house, pouncing and attacking ankles and her favorite green fish toy. At one point, one of the guys said, “dude, your cat likes baseball!” We looked over and she was sitting perfectly still, mesmorized by the television. She stayed seated like that for a good five minutes.

I thought it was a fluke, but a couple nights later while Tony was watching the game at a friend’s house, I stayed home and watched The Ghost Whisperer on DVD (because I am addicted and because I had the TV all to myself). In between episodes, I switched on the game to see the score. Izzy had been running and flipping around playing with her toys, and when the baseball game came on, she stopped, sat in her statue-like pose and watched the game until I turned on the DVD again.

After this, we just joked about how our cat is a baseball fan. But then? Yesterday ? She balanced on her hind legs seated three inches away from the television and leaned backwards a bit to get a better view. She looked as if she would tip over, but instead she just moved her head back and forth watching the players tackle each other, and the ball fly back and forth across the field.

And then Tony yelled across the room to her, “Don’t sit so close to the television, young lady, or you’ll go blind!”