Today my parents have been married for 33 years. 33. They have had to wake up to each other’s faces every morning for thirty-three YEARS! Yikes. And they are more in love now than ever.

It’s no secret that Tony is skeptical of marriage. Afterall, we have both been married once, we live in a society where it is often not taken very seriously, and we know plenty of married couple who are miserable, don’t have sex (with each other) and have children in hopes of “fixing” the problem. But my mom and dad? They are the real thing.

They are that couple you see in romance movies. They still kiss and grope each other in the kitchen, and my mom still gets her hair cut THE WAY MY FATHER LIKES IT. She wakes up early enough to have breakfast with him and keeps his life organized. In return, he saves up his extra money to buy her things and take her places or gives it to her to DECORATE THE HOUSE! He is not happy unless she is sitting next to him every night while he watches tv, and she is more than happy to oblige while browsing a magazine. They have been married longer than they haven’t, and they live out their days in a kind of ease that I can’t wait to know. They are a united front, incomplete without the other.

They are the reason I know what love is, the reason I believe in it, and the reason I do it unconditionally. I don’t know any other way.

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad. I love you.