Biggest Loser: YAY BLACK TEAM!

Watching that show seriously keeps me motivated. I’m not even joking, I AM motivated even though I haven’t worked out in over a week. I’m planning the details of my strategy to become a vertical line. I’ll keep you posted on my progress right after I finish watching the 10-second-delay from my jiggling thighs.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…haven’t worked out in a week. But I was PMSing and cramping and in a wedding and lazy. I really don’t have a good excuse, so stop grilling me!

Cat Update: I went to 3 places last night, and guess how many cats I had a connection with? mmmm-hmmmm…zero. Why do I need a connection? Because I know what I want. It’s kind of like the same reason I sat on the living room floor for two years before I bought a couch. And technically, instead of buying a couch, I just moved in with Tony so I could sit on his couch. It’s like that. I know what I want and I’m not going to settle for less.

So watch out. If you own a cat that I connect with, Tony and I might have to move in with you.

Picture Update: Words can not do some of these pictures justice. Enjoy. (from Miss’s Bachelorette Party and Miss and Mr. Zoki’s Wedding…)