Hmmm…I guess my mouth got us in trouble. Browns won and Steelers lost…who’d a thunk it?

There is one litter box in the foyer, another in the basement and a water and food dish in the kitchen. There is also a little bed with kitten toys tucked under the kitchen sink (don’t ask). This string of details might be disturbing to some. Because Tony and I don’t own a cat.

Last week I visited the local animal shelter every day. I played with several kittens before choosing the one with a personality that would fit in our home. Towards the end of the week, it seemed that the little lady was walking funny, so I asked one of the volunteers if there was someone who could give me their opinion on whether or not something was wrong. They said they would look into it.

On the most recent visit, I was ready to take her home. I asked them if someone had a chance to look at her, and they told me that I couldn’t take her home that night because she had a vet appointment the next morning. I asked them to call me when the appointment was over. They put a note on her cage to call me so that I could adopt her.

The next day, no one called.

When I called them, the girl who answered the phone told me that she had just sent her home WITH ANOTHER FAMILY! I asked her how that was possible when I was supposed to be taking her home after her vet appointment. She replied that she couldn’t hold kittens for anyone and she adopted her to someone else. I asked her how the appointment went anyway and she said, “I don’t know. I don’t know anything about a vet appointment.”

This? This is why there is not a cat in our house right now, and why it looks like we have one when you walk through the front door. Tony says we have a ghost cat and that’s better than a real one anyway…less mess. And? When we walk down the stairs and say, “meow”, if we listen real closely, we might hear it reply with “ditto”. This logic is clearly the result of too much movie time.