I know I am probably late in my reaction, but this morning I was browsing the news and I am PISSED OFF. I know, big shock. But this time I really feel justified because READ THIS!

Years ago, when I was a resident of Nashville, TN, I would fly back and forth to Cleveland often to visit my family. Each time I flew on Southwest Airlines and never had a problem. Perhaps it was because I wore my holey jeans and hoodies more often than skirts or maybe because I was usually grief-stricken with either a broken heart, home-sickness or a loss of a family member and was in tears every time I flew; no one wants to wake the monster that lives inside the Crying Girl. However, there have been other times when I was flying to Mexico or LA when I chose to wear “something cute”, which really means, “something that will turn a guy’s head” because I was single, young and thin so why not? I never wore my underwear on the outside of my clothing, or a shirt minus my pants (hel-LO Britney!), yet I dressed exactly how you would expect a twenty-something girl to dress who WANTS A MAN TO NOTICE HER so, “Hey there Cute Boy! Do you see my cute tank top and frilly skirt?”. And I am not ashamed.

I have outfits that look almost identical to the one the woman in the article was wearing, and guess what? I wear them! I wear them to the store, and to restaurants and to the movies. I wear them to family picnics and out with friends…and believe it or not, this does not make me provacative, this makes me aware of my age. I don’t want to wake up one morning and be 50 years old thinking, “Man, I didn’t appreciate my youth when I had it.” I want to clothe myself in a way that enhances my good points without crossing the line into “complete slut”. Sometimes it’s a fine line to walk, but most women know how to do it. And the woman on this plane was walking it in a really cute outfit.

I’m not even going to touch on the second girl who was approached and told to COVER UP WITH A BLANKET, because that story? That story makes me want to buy a plane ticket and board a Southwest Airline plane wearing crotchless panties while carrying a leather whip and a dictionary opened to the “I” page. I will have the word, INAPPROPRIATE highlighted in yellow and circled in red three times for emphasis…in case there were any questions as to what inappropriate looks like.