If you would have seen me last night, you wouldn’t have recognized me. I know this to be true because I was LIFTING WEIGHTS and doing SIT-UPS! See? I told you. You probably would have mistaken me for Jessica Alba because that’s totally who I look like now after one night of strength training. Yes, yes I do.

I have been very committed to this health/weight loss effort, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was a teeny bit proud of myself. I will also admit that at this point the thing that drives me is sheer vanity. I mean, I am PMSing and I STILL worked out last night, didn’t eat a whole box of cookies, and woke up at 5:30 this morning to work out again. I want to fit into my 5/6 jeans THAT BADLY.

SIDENOTE: You know how people tell women that one day they will wake up and realize that they have become their mothers? I know there has been a couple times over the years that this has happened to me, but this morning was a big one, and I feel compelled to share. I know, you are sitting on the edges of your rolly desk chairs AS WE SPEAK.

After working out this morning, my brain began producing multiple ideas at once, and my body decided it had some expendable energy and NEEDED. To. Clean. Something. So I found myself re-arranging furniture in the laundry room, throwing in a load of clothes and VACUUMING in order to create a nicer “work-out space” for us. (the treadmill and punching bag live there, so I wanted to make it all more user-friendly). I immediately had flashbacks of weekday mornings reluctantly dragging myself out of bed for school because I had been awoken by, not an alarm clock, but MY MOTHER SWEEPING EVERY FLOOR IN EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE. At 6am. While smiling. I guess there is more of her in me than people think. Just look at my hair on a humid August morning.

Next week begins my first week of “intensive training” wherein I participate in some dance, kickboxing and yoga classes. Oh, you think I’m obsessed? You think I’ve gone MAD?! You may be right; I may be crazy. *

*Bonus points for the first person to name the song/artist, and by bonus points I mean you’ll get absolutely nothing, but I’ll totally be all, “oh my God! You got the right answer!”. And that will be enough positive reinforcement to get you through many low points in your day, I bet.

**Triple bonus points for this one. Hint: movie. And? I paraphrased to meet my needs. Because that’s what matters here.