This morning as I was retrieving the cream cheese from the refrigerator to slather, I mean, spread lightly onto my bagel, I noticed Tony had hung his scorecard from his round of golf last night on the refrigerator. He scored a 38 (9 holes), and obviously, is very excited about it. I have this vision of our four year old drawing a picture for the refrigerator, and me responding with, “oh, thank you, Honey, it’s beautiful…but the refrigerator is for Daddy’s papers so why don’t we hang this somewhere else.”

I’ve tried my hand at golf a few times. I even purchased a set of clubs which have since been “borrowed” by You Know Who. But the highlight of this game for me is driving the golf cart through big puddles on the cart path and driving under low-hanging branches so as to whack my cart buddy in the face. And although Tony insists that he wants me to go golfing with him, to promote togetherness in our relationship, I think he would be sorry he asked me to join him. It’s obvious, at least to me, that I am too sophisticated for golf. Swinging from trees with a banana in my hand is more my speed.

He mentioned to me last night that he has spent some time pondering the fact that although we are very much alike, we may not have much in common. He bases this conclusion on the aforementioned golf and the fact that I don’t find watching poker on television while eating a can of cashews and two bags of popcorn as exhilarating as he does. I explained to him that while I would love to do more things as a couple, I would like to find something we both enjoy doing. After all, I have never asked him to sit and watch me type blog posts or, “Hey Babe, want to take a ballet class with me?” I am a firm believer in having separate interests while maintaining some common interests. Allow me to list several things we have in common, if not to ease his mind, then at least to prove him wrong:

1. We love watching movies together. We both have an unrealistic view of what life should be like. I never knew a man existed who cried at “13 Going on 30” during the same scenes as I do.
2. We both enjoy bowling. In fact, we sometimes get quite competitive as the tenth frame looms near.
3. We both enjoy music, making music, performing music. We are musicians. There are many discussions about music.
4. We are both closet cheesy game lovers. You would never know this when first meeting us, but we are silly happy when playing such games as scrabble, chess, monopoly, bocce ball, cards, etc. In fact, I am hoping Miss sends me pictures from last weekend when we all decided to play Twister. Tony and I were the only couple who CHEATED. See? We totally have things in common!

Regardless of how many things I list, I really don’t care about the interests we share or don’t. I think for as many things that we don’t both enjoy, there are just as many things that we have yet to explore together, like basket weaving or lion taming. Having something to look forward to is half the fun! And how much more well-rounded will our children be with two parents who bring such different activities into their lives. I mean, how many golfing ballet dancers do you know who can perform Serbian folk music and metal? I’m telling you, I’m on to something here.

Also? I love that he kicks ass at golf; it gives me something to brag about. I am proud of him when he is able to excel at activities I perform terribly. It makes him even more amazing in my eyes.

So suck it, Tony.