Okay, so I know I have a boyfriend, and I love him to pieces, but if he is allowed to have a crush on Samantha Brown, I am TOTALLY allowed to have a crush on my ENT Specialist. I had an appointment this morning to discuss my options to improve my breathing, and I was a little surprised when the door opened because AREN’T DOCTORS SUPPOSED TO BE OLD AND GEEKY? You would think that I would know this is not always the case seeing how I work in a hospital, but the past year here has not provided many McDreamy sightings if you know what I mean. Actually, it has produced a total of zero. Until today.

This guy was Hand. Some. And it’s not even because he was young, not a total dweeb and was wearing a lab coat. It was all because he was just hot. Period. However, I refrained from flirting with him because I am crazy in love with Tony and also because, well, the doc is married. But since Tony insists that flirting is harmless, it could be argued that I didn’t flirt with him simply because what kind of cute and awesomly funny am I when this guy is looking up and digging around my NOSTRILS?! He totally tried to trick me into melting into a puddle when he told me that I had pretty eyes; I almost asked him to be my valentine and it’s July for crying out loud! But I persevered and tried my hardest not to get boogers on him.

A follow up date, I mean, check up will be in 6 weeks.