After a long wait and much frustration, it is here. I feel like I’ve tumbled into “Fiddler on the Roof” during the scene where Motel and Tzeitel bring home the new sewing machine. Tony and his brother-in-law lifted it into place last night and all I heard from the living room was, “Fuuuuuuck!” It did not fit. They lifted it off again, there was some pounding and sawing…then they lifted it on again. And THEN…there was much admiring.

It’s here. Come see.

Once Tony puts in the toilet and I do a little decorating, I will post pictures of the completed bathroom (this is the downstairs bathroom, and not the bathroom that I posted “before” pictures of here. That is one project I am not looking forward to). But I couldn’t help but share. I think I stood in the doorway this morning and smiled at it for twenty minutes before I realized I was late for work yet again.