You can tell a lot about a person based on what they carry around in their purse or what you find in their car. I’ve written some character sketches in the past for stories based on what one could find in a wallet/purse, and it was always amazing at how much closer I felt to the character by the end of the list.

So this is me emptying my purse onto this post for all of you who don’t think I share nearly enough about myself on this blog. (You feel closer to me already, don’t you…)

Some things:

* 3 lip glosses. Because a girl needs gloss. 3 of them.

* 2 rings. These are still in my purse from the weekend. They will be in there until the next time I want to wear them. It’s all about convenience.

* Jump drive. I carry it everywhere with me in case the mood strikes me to write. It’s my portable portfolio. Too bad I don’t carry my laptop with me everywhere I go, I mean, last time I checked I didn’t have a USB port installed into my belly button.

* 11 hair clips. I need them.

* Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial hand gel. Hand hygiene saves lives. Really.

* Sunglasses.

* Regular glasses. Yes, the actual glasses are in their case in my purse right now because I hate wearing them. Sometimes I put them on to drive. But mostly I know where I’m going by memory.

* Wallet. A waste of space if you ask me.

* Lotion.

* Keys. I don’t leave home without them.

* A sandwich bag containg one vitamin that I forgot to take about two weeks ago. I figure I’ll forget to bring one to work one day, and then this extra one will be waiting for me.

* 2 pennies. Because when I have enough, I am going to buy a kitchen table with them. I’m off to a great start.

* 1 moist towelette. It gets sticky out there.

* 3 post-its with lists of books I want to buy written on them (one of which is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen; I just added it today).

* The rest are some things I have gradually “borrowed” and accumulated from the supply room at work. They are as follows:

3 highlighters
5 pens
2 pencils
1 pack of post-it flags
1 binder clip

I also borrowed a roll of tape, but it’s in my other purse.

At the risk of sounding like a Capital One commercial, what’s in your wallet?