If you ever want to get Tony really angry, just be his date to a wedding and then get trashed with all his cousins and fall over vaccuum cleaners in back hallways of hotels. Crying slops icing all over that cake. That’s all I’m saying. Well, that, and now I have a bruise in the shape of South America on my hip.

If you ever want to get Nikol really angry, bring her to a wedding as your date, leave her to answer to her social butterfly calling, and then find her four hours later lit up like those damn fireworks we saw last week. Proceed to yell at her for being drunk amidst 200 other drunk people and then treat her like she is a failure at life.

Bottom Line: We are clearly the most passive, composed, dipassionate people you will ever meet.

After 48 hours of picking that night apart and pulling at rope that unraveled the safety net we had suspended beneath us for the past nine months…we laughed. Because we don’t need a net; we’ve already been grounded – with extreme force. And there isn’t another soul with whom I’d rather walk this uneven terrain.

Maybe all couples feel this way after their first real fight. Maybe this closeness that forms isn’t unique to us. But I knew what he meant when he looked me in the eye and said, “I feel sorry for other couples; they have no idea what they are missing.”

Vulnerability and humility are the greatest gifts because they leave holes big enough for forgiveness to shine through.