I found out recently that a lifelong friend of mine is also going to nursing school. We were once a unit, a mass of cells connected at the hip like Siamese twins with big bangs. We roger-rabbit-ed our way through the eighties without fear. Although, looking back, I am alarmed by the possibility that at any given moment we could have fallen over from the imbalance in weight caused by our t-shirts tied to the same side of our bodies as we scrunchied our ponytails. (I attribute my chronic back trouble to this, and I won’t be convinced otherwise.)

Being nurses isn’t the only thing we have in common. Clearly, we should have foreseen this! During the brief time we lived on the same street, we both wanted to marry Michael Jackson (pre-nose job/little boy lover). Now that it is 2007 I would just like to say that I obviously deserved to marry Michael Jackson because after her mother bought us both notebooks with his face on the cover, she took a pencil eraser and erased his face until it was white. It could be argued that she is the reason the poor man has identity issues.

My point is that she has always been that person in my life who will always be in my life. It doesn’t matter that we don’t see each other for months or years at a time because our hearts are linked (by broken-heart-best-friend-necklaces, of course). It’s just nice to know that she’s out there, and I wanted to write something to let her know that I’m still out there too. AND I wanted to let her know that I’m proud of her and I love her and holy shit, look at the beautiful person she made:

Life is full of change; it all adds up eventually.