This morning on the radio the guys on the morning show were discussing this girl on tv who is “adorable” and “travels to great places while showing skin”. My ears perked up at the latter remark because Tony has a crush on a girl who meets this description! As I listened a few minutes longer, I eventually found out that they were, indeed, referring to Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel.

Tony drools all over himself when he watches her show, and I am forced to watch her adventures whenever he zones out in one of these states. Last night she was in Belize (which she repeatedly pronounced ‘Behleece’), and every time they switched to a scene where she was fully clothed, he would yell at the television, “C’mon! Show her in the bikini again!”

Regardless of my boyfriend’s disrespect for the fact that I am sitting right next to him while he fantasizes about another woman, I have to laugh. I mean, it’s kind of cute the way his little heart beats a wee bit faster when he sees that her show is on. He’s like a little boy who makes a homemade valentine for the little girl in grade school. Except this girl lives IN THE TELEVISION!

So, My Love, this is for you (and all the other men that seem to share in this puppy love).