Here is a picture of the foyer. Unfortunately, I did not take a “before” picture so that you could see the transformation, but take my word for it: this is a gazillion times better. All that is left to do is for Tony to put in the new doors and base boards. But even without them, I am loving to come home to this view.

This is the office, which most of you will recognize from my old residence above Neighbor Bob. Pretty much my entire apartment fit into this one room. The bookshelves are begging to be organized, but I am too busy right now, you know, taking pictures of the disorganization.

This is where Tony sits when he bangs his fists on the table and yells obscenities at the customer service representatives for the Cleveland Clinic billing department, the electric company, the credit card companies and the bank. This is also where he unfailingly throws his papers all over the floor instead of making them into that red garbage pail you see to the right.

This is the spare bedroom that I painted chocolate brown to Tony’s absolute horror. But as you can see, it showcases his grandmother’s furniture beautifully, and now I think this is his favorite room. There is crown molding and a new comforter in the future of this room, but for now, I am pleased as punch with the outcome. (How pleased is punch?)

Oh, and here is a picture of my boys. They spent the day on the golf course yesterday and were not thrilled about me taking their picture. But I did it anyway.