I bombed my first test. Well, not completely, but I might as well have. I’m not going to tell you what I got because it’s embarrassing. I will tell you that I need to re-vamp my study habits. However, there is a bright side…I’m kicking ass in the lab…I am getting an A! For some reason I can easily identify the parts of the body, but I’m having a hard time deciphering those pesky multiple choice questions; they’re tricky. At least I have plenty of time to bring up my grade. I’ve already come up with a game plan to still be able to get an A in the class. Keep your fingers crossed like a pretzel for me!

Sidenote: Last night in lab, I walked in the room and headed toward the seat that I have been sitting in for the past four or five classes, and there was a GIRL SITTING IN MY SEAT! Hello! Banana clips are not cute! It is SO against all the rules of classroom etiquette to STEAL a person’s lab partners!! Seriously? But being the person that I am, I simply walked around the room until I found an empty seat. AND LET ME TELL YOU…I like my new lab partners way better. Especially my new friend with the acrylic nails that curl under and are airbrushed four different colors. How does she wipe with those things?? Fingernails aside, she and her friend are really nice and I think I am better off with my new seat. But, whatever, I’m still annoyed at Banana Clip Bitch.