I know you are sick of hearing it, but I don’t care. I am so HAPPY!!! With the exception of an ex girlfriend that won’t go away (seriously? It’s been over a year. You can stop calling him every two weeks now.), this weekend was another example of 36 hours of smiling. My mouth feels like it might fall off from all the smiling. Reasons why I look like a cheshire cat on crack:

1. Tony and his friend installed a hardwood floor in the foyer and bathroom. It. Looks. Amazing. I left for school Saturday morning, and when I came home at about 4:30, it looked like a brand new place. It’s starting to feel like home to me. I wanted to post a picture, but I ran out of time. I was too busy walking in circles barefoot on the new floor. We spent most of Saturday night standing in the doorways admiring it like it was our new baby. Pathetic, I know, but you would totally have done the same thing if you had spent the last 8 months walking on dirt.

2. We went to see “Knocked Up” this weekend and laughed through the entire movie. It’s been awhile since a movie has done that for me. It’s also been awhile since I’ve seen a movie that took chances and stuck remarkably close to reality. It showed a VAGINA, for crying out loud!

3. We ripped out the shower doors in the bathroom and it is SO MUCH BETTER! Now when Tony slips and falls in the shower, he won’t scratch the whole side of his body on the door tracks…he’ll just fall out of the tub onto the shower curtain instead. It’s easier to laugh at someone when they fall if they haven’t been attacked by glass doors and protruding metal.

4. We went to lunch at the Mad Cactus and met the girl who is in the commercials. She was nice. Tony said she had a nice body which made me stab him in the armpit with my fork, but she was really nice so I wasn’t mad at her about it. I didn’t stab her.

5. We are in love. The kind of love that makes other people hate to be around us because we can’t stop talking about each other. It’s the kind of love you see in the movies (not the movie “Knocked Up”, Mom; Don’t worry).

6. Oh, there is one more reason for the smiles. Remember when I won the karaoke contest at the Relay for Life last year? I won awesome seats at any concert I wanted? We’re going to see John Mayer! The tickets came in the mail and I think Tony might have actually kissed them. So. Excited.

On another note, I have 1.5 days left to learn skull bones…DUN, Dun, dunnnnn…