As my professor passed out the test last night I wanted to vomit all over my scantron sheet. I looked at the first question, and I KNEW THE ANSWER. But by the end, I think I only knew close to half. I played the guessing game for most of it, and then I went home and cried. I sat on the couch with my pitiful bowl of cereal and bawled like a three year old.

Some people in this class are taking it for the second time and it is the ONLY class they are taking. What was I thinking? I called Tony on my way home and he responded with, “that’s what happens when you try to do too many things; you end up doing them half-assed.” And then I pulled in the driveway, walked into the kitchen and grabbed the rolling pin, and proceeded to jam it up his rectum (“How do you like THAT for half-assed?!).

I’ll get the results of the test Tuesday. Before then I am required to memorize every bone from the skull to the waist for a practical exam. If you try to talk to me and I start repeatedly poking you in the eye socket saying, “Sphenoid. Sphenoid. Sphenoid.”…don’t take it personally.

[poke] “Sphenoid.”