Here’s a kick-ass picture of the bride and groom as promised. Their babies are going to be so adorable.

Okay, so the big test is tonight and I’m feeling a little better, but have so much more studying to sneak in. Lunch time can’t get here fast enough. But even more exciting than tests is WE ARE GETTING A FLOOR THIS SATURDAY!! I am so excited to not have to walk on dirty nothingness that I might just grab my sleeping bag this weekend and camp out in the foyer to be near the joy that is laminate flooring. Let me sing a song for you…

“Little things mean a lot, appre-ci-ate what you got, if you give all what you have, it’s forever we’ll last…”

Any takers? I’ll give you a hint: 90’s. If you can name the artist, you will not win a prize, but just think of the satisfaction and pride it will bring to know that you and I are on the same train. I mean, who wouldn’t want to chugga chugga on this choo choo?