I thought it might be a good idea to read/study for my Anatomy test that I have to take on Thursday, especially since I have some catching up to do after missing a lecture. I have spent the last hour reading what might as well be Vietnamese because it Does. Not. Compute. I see a grouping of words that mean nothing to me, and the whole time all I can think of is TEST! TEST! So then I look at Figure 4.2 that is supposedly present to help me understand the inner-workings of tissue cells and it looks to me like a colorful game of Mousetrap.

I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep for the next two nights if I need to learn Vietnamese by Thursday. I mean seriously, Tight Junctions, Zonula Adherens, Zonula Occludens, Gap Junction, Dracula Puncture (gotcha). I will be amazed if I know what this stuff means by next week…seriously, WTF is a hemidesmosome?

I’m going to start crying now.