First things first…I saw this article and “Oh My God”ed in my head because it was only this weekend that I was marveling at the use of manke-up. On Tanko and Cedo’s wedding day, my cousin, Joe, would stop periodically to stand in front of a mirror adjusting his hair and REAPPLYING HIS MAKE-UP! How many times did I re-apply my makeup? Zero. How many times did Chelsea re-apply her makeup on HER WEDDING DAY? Zero! What the hell is wrong with men these days. Seriously? It’s bad enough that Tony is fascinated with all the fun clothes I get to wear, but stay away from my make-up!!

For your viewing pleasure:

Thank you to Steph and Devo for sending me these pictures as I don’t own a decent camera. I will try to get my hands on a better pic of the bride and groom…

School Update:

I have no idea how I am going to get through this semester working full-time, but I will kill myself trying if that’s what it takes. So far the Psych class is going ok…I can control the rate at which I work since it is web-based, and for the most part, I am keeping up with myself. Anatomy and Chemistry are proving to be more time-consuming than I had hoped, and since I had to miss a class in each for the wedding, I am playing catch-up right now which sucks a big fat weiner without any mustard or ketchup. HOWEVER, I woke up this morning at 5am to study (Tony thinks I am insane) and it still wasn’t enough time, so tomorrow I will try for 4:30. I just keep telling myself this is temporary. Plus, time shouldn’t be a factor since it’s bery probably that my first nursing job will be a day/night rotation. (*I just re-read this to check for spelling errors and decided to leave this as-is to provide an example of my brain in overload.*) I might as well get used to being awake when it’s dark outside.