Oh, this week is going to kill me yet.

I am ALMOST completely moved out of my apartment. Wednesday will be my last moments of that place, and let me tell you, it feels a little weird. Permanence does that after years without it, you know? On top of that I start school tonight…Anatomy…I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the bones and organs I think I might be missing. Also? I have to take two tests a week in my Psych class. TWO TESTS A WEEK!

There is good news going on this week, though, and I would be such a whiny watermelon if I didn’t share it with you. TANKO AND CEDO ARE GETTING MARRIED IN 3 DAYS!!! ANNNNNNDDDD There is a guy fixing the drywall in the house so that we can have WALLS!! YAY!

So last night I was sleeping and I had a dream that I needed to pretend to be asleep or Tony would be mad. So I closed my eyes and listened for his footsteps so that when he left the room I could be awake again. BUT, because my eyes were closed I didn’t see that he had a gun, and without warning, I heard a loud shot and my brain started oozing and my whole body felt weightless and I remember thinking, “am I dead?”

This is the second time I have died in a dream and lived to tell about it. They say that if you die in your dreams, you die in real life, and I am here to tell you that this is just not the truth! But the more pressing issue is could something possibly have ruptured in my brain and that’s why I felt the oozing and the tingling and the weightlessness? I mean, what if I have some sort of tumor, and this crazy “shot to the head” is only a symptom?! AND…even more important than that is WHY IS TONY KILLING ME?