I feel kind of guilty for writing what I wrote in yesterday’s post. Tony was up again last night, and in some crazy pain. I’m worried that something is really wrong, and I’m praying that he doesn’t need surgery (as you know, he has had back surgery in the past). I feel kind of helpless because there is really nothing I can do short of morphing into a Vicodin and jumping down his throat, and even then, I think he would miss me and want me to be a person again (I mean, I know you can do anything you want, but is this even possible?)

Anything you can do would be immensely appreciated.


P.S. If you remember, I went to church last week, the week before that, and I totally have every intention of going again this week. Sorry I missed two days ago, but my track record is improving, eh? Eh?? Not that I’m trying to bargain with you, because I know, that would be just insulting. I’m just saying…