Last night I sat at the computer with Tony. Actually, I came up the stairs with a few oreos and a glass of milk, and when I went to sit down in the other chair at the computer table, I somehow mis-judged and fell on the floor next to the chair. Being the awesome cookie and milk juggler that I am, I did not spill the milk (only a couple drops that don’t even count in milk juggling. It’s true. You can look up the rules if you want.)

So after we were finished assessing how graceful I am, I made him take the finger quiz, and as he answered each question, I watched intently not saying a word. Would you believe that every single answer was the same as mine? He is a ring finger too. We are a perfect match, obviously. Didn’t you know that most successful relationships are based on internet quizzes and oreo cookies? Yeah, they totally are.

This morning I fit into a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to wear in over a year. I kind of want to walk around the office this morning overexaggerating my movements like, “hey! See my pants? Aren’t they skinny?” Unfortunately, no one here cares what I look like except for the courier delivery man, and he was just here yesterday. Also, my boss only weighs 120 pounds, so if I told him to look at how emaciated I am, he would be all, “so what, Nikol. I weigh 120 pounds. Pull the Joint Commission file and make me 23 copies.”

Countdown to Tanko and Cedo’s Wedding: 14 days