As I was leaving the office yesterday, there was a man dancing on the corner of Euclid near the bus stop. He was yelling to the people walking by and kicking and swinging at the air. What made this so comical to me was that he was wearing a motorcycle helmet. He was not riding a motorcycle, only wearing the helmet…with the wind shield down. He looked like someone playing one of those ridiculous-looking virtual reality games, and I only wish that was what he was really doing because the truth was that he was just a little bit crazy.

Today I came to work late because I had a doctor’s appointment, and if I had been more observant and less sleeping, I would have noticed that I was walking in the middle of a crime scene. Only when I sat down at my desk did my colleagues bring to my attention that THERE ARE POLICE EVERYWHERE AND MEDIA LINED UP AND DOWN EUCLID AVE! Oh. Really?

It turns out that some crazy man stabbed a Cleveland police officer right in front of our building. I don’t know the details, but I do know that the first question out of my mouth was, “was he wearing a motorcycle helmet?”