Sometimes it’s incredibly surprising when all aspects of your life come together at once and you know exactly where you are supposed to be. It’s like the sort of warm surge that flows through your smiling muscles when you find a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of your coat. Or someone brings chocolate to work to share with everyone and they give you first choice, which means you get to eat the chocolate covered caramel.

My surprise came to me in a revelation last week when I was contemplating my life and my career, or more accurately, my lack of one. I thought about my love of writing, and my intent to earn my Master’s in Literature and how completely irrelevant such a degree would be to my career path. I mean what kind of Medical Secretary needs a Master’s in Literature? Subsequently, do I really need this degree to study Literature? Once completed, have I learned a useful skill? How am I serving others or using my talents for good by explaining the difference between a sonnet and free verse to a room full of doctors?

The truth is, I have been surrounded by healthcare my entire life, so it was only the natural progression of things for me to end up working in this field for the past six years. However, I am not a fantastic Administrative Assistant regardless of the beautiful plant my boss gave me for Secretary’s Day. I do not love filing and scheduling meetings and organizing someone else’s life, and I feel that my talents and abilities are being wasted. I feel they would also be wasted (along with a shitload of money) if I pursued Literature.

The point, Nikol…please.

After much back and forth and up and down over many years…I have decided to go to nursing school. And, seeing how I work in one of the top hospitals in the world, it seems that I was led here for a reason. I would be ignorant to ignore the signs. I can’t wait to feel proud of my work and to be able to have a real career that not only is fulfilling for me, but helps others. I have been pretty selfish in my endeavors for the first thirty-ish years of my life…I want to be a better version of me over the course of the next thirty-ish.

I begin preliminary classes next month, and hopefully will be accepted into the nursing program in the fall. Keep your fingers crossed for me!