The new site is a longer (and more expensive)process than I imagined, simply because my money is being spent for other things at the moment. Mainly, moving. Therefore, I thought it might be nice to update the internet on the enthralling happenings of my days and nights (and when I tell you that you will be enthralled, what I really mean is you will need to prop your eyelids open with paper clips and envelope adhesive. I’m so not that interesting).

I’m moving again (in case you didn’t catch that part). I know it seems like I move every Spring, and in reality, this is what I have been doing the past two years. But I’m hoping that this pattern will not repeat in the future. And, I mean, the first move wasn’t really because I wanted to, it was more because Neighbor Bob couldn’t keep his penis in his pants. But whatever. This time my reasons for moving are totally way better. And do you want to know why?

Okay, I’ll tell you why. Because I have managed to remain in a relationship for longer than two months (it’s been 5! FIVE!!), and now I am moving in with Tony. I know! I know you think I am nuts and hello! Nikol, you’ve only been dating him for five months! But I’m all like, “Dude, shut up! I am so happy the skin on my face could fall off in clumps and I would STILL be disgustingly happy!” And also? I have never met anyone like him. I know people say that shit all the time and the people who have to listen to it just roll their eyes while toying with the idea of spitting in the “happy” person’s Starbucks, but I’m telling you it really happens. And it happened to me and I’m so not even mad about it.

So, little by little I am moving my belongings (an obsecene amount of books and clothing) into his house. The current state of the house is “in transition” which means there are no floors and unfinished walls in many of the rooms, but this only makes me jump up and down like a child waiting in line to see another child rip the fake Santa’s beard off. Because what a joy for someone to not only say to me, “I want you with me” but for them to also say, “Here’s a blank canvas. Do your thing.” Now that’s love. Or maybe it’s just unrestrained relief at the idea of half of his mortgage payment being paid by someone else. Either way, I have a couch and cable. Everyone wins here.