I walked into the door last night to a dinner already made with candelight, wine and lights down low. Everything was brought to me and I didn’t need to lift a finger. It was the first time anyone’s ever had anything like that waiting for me when I got home. In my experience, it has always been the other way around. And while I would gladly do that for him any day of the week, it was an unexpected surprise to have someone do something like that for me without being asked. And while Tony tells me I’ll be lucky if it ever happens again, I don’t even care. Because it was the sweetest, most unselfish thing. He even let me have the remote at nine to watch Grey’s Anatomy, and even if he never admits it, I think he’ll be hooked in no time at all.

(Speaking of Grey’s…if Alex hooks up with McDreamy’s ex, I will climb through the television and smack him in the ear.)

Dear Weekend,

Bring it on.