Last night I walked into my apartment at 10:20pm, threw my coat on the hook, stripped down on my way to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed where I slept soundly until 5:45am. When I awoke, all I really wanted to do was cry. All I’ve wanted to do since then is cry, and I can’t stop feeling this way.

On the commute into town, every car around me was purposefully being an asshole. I know they were doing it on purpose because normal people don’t drive 35MPH on the highway. They just don’t. Also? When I am entering the highway via an on-ramp…MOVE OVER!

My attempt to arrive early to work was sabotoged, and consequently, I was rushing my jiggly ass to the other side of the hospital to the hotel where a candidate was waiting for me to escort her to her interviews. As I rushed, every person in a wheelchair was rolling slowly in front of me…and if they weren’t, there were doctors huddling in the MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY discussing their fat wallets and their timeshares, and “our school doesn’t offer French until first grade”.

When I finally returned to my desk, there was an email awaiting me in which the person who wrote it was E-YELLING AT ME! I quickly browsed through my saved files to ensure myself that I had covered my bases and had not, Please God, had NOT messed up.

Whew! I didn’t mess up.

So WHY was this person YELLING AT ME! I could feel the tears coming, they were coming fast, and I gave myself a stern talking to about how it is inappropriate to cry at work, so STOP IT YOU BIG BABY! When my boss called me into his office, I explained the situation, I did it calmly and rationally (who knew I could be this way?). He didn’t yell, he didn’t fire me, in fact, I think he was on my side. So THEN I almost started crying because he was being SO NICE TO ME! AGH!

It’s not even noon yet, and I am exhausted. I am tired of the uncontrollable waterworks and I want to go home, put on my cozies and watch movies with this guy I know who lets me accidentally punch him in the face sometimes.