I’m typically not one of those people who go around scoping out the phallic symbols in the everyday ho hum life. I had no idea what all the buzz was about when people were in an uproar over hidden genitalia in The Little Mermaid (Oh, the Penises!). However, sometimes. SOME TIMES! I morph into a 15-year-old teenage boy and find myself in a fit of giggles over the silliest thing.

My cousin, Amy, is a fantastic knitter, and there is a picture of one of her works in progress on her blog. In the upper left corner, there is clearly a pattern of some sort made of paper or cardboard or plastic…but this does not matter. What matters is that it is in the shape of a penis (See for yourself). And it made me giggle like the immature bonehead that I am.

Thank you, Amy.