I started the day off with a dose of grocery store frustration. I realize that there are people in this world who make a living at stocking shelves, but as I wandered up and down the aisles, I really wanted to crash into their heels with my shopping cart because they were constantly asking me t move. No! I am the shopper! You move!

Sidenotte: I am drunk. I spent the last eight hours at Tony’s making himemade spaghetti sauce, and now he is passed out on the couch and I have been left to conquer the rest of the bottle of chianti on my own. i’m dong a fabulous job.

I went running oday fo thte. Fuck.

I went running today for the first time in forever and I tried to run up a hill that was like this: Straight up. It was like climbing a wall except I didn’t have climbing gear and there awas..was…no wall. Not a wall. Not one. But who cares.

Also? I am out of shape. I used to be able to run like a feather because I know a lot of running feathers (that sounds like an Indian name…Running Feather) but now I run like I’m treading through mud and all I can think is, “what the hell happened?” But it’s okay because when I am a supermodel, I will run like a feather through mud and all will be right in my head. Super -di-do.

My glas s is empty.